The Caramel Cook’s

On Monday Melissa and Faith Brandt came over. Melissa came over  to teach Mom how to make caramel popcorn.                                                    
 It was a lot of fun but a lot of work to!
 First we popped some popcorn. Then we made caramel using brown sugar, butter, corn syrup, baking soda and vanilla.  After the caramel was done cooking,we mixed it up with the popcorn and put in the oven.
When it was done cooking, we put it in bowels to cool. Then we put it in a bucket or a baggie.

Caramel-Corn is very addicting!


Around 5:45 I went into the woods with my favorite Papa. My siblings were at music group.
It was my second time going into the woods for hunting :)
At 6:05 my Papa had just gotten off the phone with Grandparents S. (they said they would pray for me that I would get an deer)...
Five min after he hanged up, I heard a deer in the trees to my left. It got between two trees in front of me, and then looked at us. It was a doe! At 6:10 I shot a deer with my cross-bow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She fell right down.
Papa had to take care of it from there, I was to busy trying to calm my heart! lol..
We brought it down and gutted it up on the trail by our barn.
I am still in total shock!!!!
She weighed about 100 pounds :)

Here are some pix of my and my "dear":

I-my doe-Bethany

 Yours VERY Excited,

Middle Creek Wildlife

Last Thursday us Keeper Girls went to Middle Creek Wildlife to do some bird watching. A game commissioner showed us a slide-show of the animals that lived there. Then we went on a little hike to see some birds and whatever other wildlife we could find. Then we went inside to see what different kinds of animal mounts that they had there. And the different animal furs,racks and etc that they had on display..
Kaitlyn ,Me,Grace and Emily

Baseball game


On Friday night our family and my Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Steve and Patrick gave us some tickets to a baseball game.

The teams were the Lancaster Barnstormers and the Camden Riversharks. The
Sharks won 3 to 1. It was a lot of fun at the end of the game they set off fireworks.
Bethany and Patrick

The Rodeo

On Monday we want to the rodeo with my family and my cousins.It was a lot of fun
The first game was you dress-up in a skirt,a shirt and put on a hat and sunglass. And a lot of other games too.
Cowdoy Dress-up
Lillia and hope

Amish boy's

Joshua and Lincoln

Camping Trip

For the last 5 days we have been on a camping trip with the young people from our church and a few young people from another church. The trip was 2 hour’s long. There were 5 girls in my room. We played a lot of games. We went on 2 hikes that was a lot of fun. The first hike there were a lot of windmills. On the second hike there were lots of waterfalls. The last night it was my friend’s b-day and it was Will and Renee's ( our youth leaders) 6th anniversary. We had a lot of fun.
Kaitlyn, I, and Joanna
Gracie and Joanna
Chyanne, Emily, Joanna, Kaitlyn, Grace
The Lodge
Playing games
Starting the walk
Random pix
Some windmills
Grace, I and Kaitlyn
Our hike
a waterfall
the path
another waterfall


Altering Jean Skirts!

We recently bought some jean skirts for only 6 dollars! They were very long so my Grandma Sanger is at our house right now, to show my Mom how to alter them. (We wanted / needed them altered before Wednesday so that we could wear them on the Young people’s camping trip (I can’t wait :) !) The skirts are going to look great.
My Grandpa Sanger is at our house also, he is quizzing us on our times tables and giving us some spelling tests.

Thank you Grandpa and Grandma!
Here is a picture of the altering process:

Today  we made a basket. The baskets that we made today were called the brunch basket.
It was a lot of fun. It took us 7 hours to make. But it was worth it in the end!

                                          My Great Aunt Carol has been taking class with us.

Canning Peaches

On Monday we canned 27 quarts of peaches.
 First we boiled the peaches in hot water for 30 sec.Then we peeled the skins off. Then we put them in a bowl and cut them in in half.
We then made a syrup and brought it to a boil and dropped the peaches in-to the pot till the peaches were tender.
Then put the peaches in the jars, then put the syrup in the jars with the peaches.