Still Waters

Three days after I came home from Arizona, I got in a church van and left for Still Waters camp. Uncle Eddie was our van driver and the trip to Indiana took us about 12 hoursCamp lasted for 5 days, it was great seeing friends I had not seen in a while. There were many things to do at camp: go karts, zipline, paintball, gun range, archery range, fishing, kayaking and canoeing. Going to camp is always fun but the best part is being able to get closer to the Lord and seeing old friends and meeting new ones.


Right after leaving Alaska we went directly to Arizona, for our cousin Serenity graduation. When we got there on Thursday began right a way to help prepare for her graduation party on Saturday. They were anticipating approximately 250 people. So that meant we had a lot of favors to make, utensils to roll, decorations and food to get ready in the next 48 hours.  
Without my amazing Mom's help the graduation would have been a disaster! 
The meal for the graduation; smoked brisket, smoked pork, chicken, green beans, macaroni and cheese, cornbread and coleslaw salad was scrumptious. And the desert was an ice cream bar, my favorite!The evening was filled with speeches, songs and a slideshow about Serenity, her valedictorian speech and the presentation of her diploma by her parents. Capped by a grand finale of fireworks.

Serenity, Hadassah, Zoe and Liliana

valedictorian speech 

Alaska Part 2

The next few days we did a few short hikes around Anchorage.  We went to Thunderbird Falls, the walk to the base of the falls was too muddy, so we just went to the lookout. We also hiked Gold Cord Lake, which was just beautiful. 

The next day the rain stopped long enough for us to go kayaking. I had not gone kayaking in a long time so being able to go was awesome.

Definitely one of the highlights of the trip was going rock climbing. 
John and Tracy Borland, professional rock climbers and photographers guided us to a climb up a 75 foot high cliff. I have never been rock climbing before and it was a thrill and one of the greatest things I was able to do on my trip. 

Here is John's website so you can see our photos:  


Zoe and Ruth 

I am so glad I had the opportunity to go to Alaska.
It is the most beautiful place in the USA that I have ever been too.   

Alaska Part 1

Have you ever dreamed of going to another state or country?

Well I have....I have always wanted to go to Alaska.

Zoe and I met the Take sisters at a camp last year and they invited us to come and visit them in Alaska. So Zoë and I took them up on their invitation.

After our long flight to Anchorage, the Take sisters Melody and Ruth picked us up at the airport and took us to their house to get settled in. Then Melody and Ruth took us to Bird Point a scenic outlook in the Chugach State Park and we walked the train tracks. That night we packed our backpacks for a hike and the campout the next day. We awoke at 4am and loaded our backpacks into the truck. We began hiking at 8:15am for a 7 mile hike to the campsite. There was a constant drizzle the entire time we hiked and camped. So we were all wet and our clothes were wet too. We hiked out the next morning, for a total of 14 miles.  We got back to the truck looking forward to a hot cup of coffee that we would buy in town. But the truck wouldn't start, the battery had died. Thankfully one of the girls had brought another car so we tried to jump it but is still would not start. So we left and went to a coffee shop and then drove around to some other scenic points in the area. And then went back to the truck to try and jump the truck again. And thank the Lord it started! 

Melody, Ruth and Zoë

Ruth and k2

 Ruth, Zoë and Jaclyn

Jaclyn, Ruth, Stella Anna and Zoë


 Jaclyn, Ruth, and Zoë 

The hike is over! 

Look for part 2!